Podcast 15 - Trilo

The latest Hardware podcast is hosted by one of 2014's additions to the Hardware roster, hailing from Slovakia we welcome Trilo to host Episode 15 of the Hardware podcast. Over 50 minutes of music featuring forthcoming tracks from the man himself and much more! A sign of things to come...  


01. Trilo - Enterprise [Hardware Dub]

02.Dreadmaul feat. MC Kryptomedic - Mill City (Epidemic rmx) [Authentic Music]

03.Keosz & Trilo - Deadly Shadows [Citrus Recordings]

04.Optiv & CZA - Back To The Future [Renegade Hardware]

05.Trilo - Defer [Renegade Hardware]

06.Maztek & Cern - Multiverse [Renegade Hardware]

-->Trilo - Vexation [Disturbed] 

07.Audio feat. Stapleton - Fall Back [Renegade Hardware]

08.Dose & Cern - One At A Time [Renegade Hardware]

09.Klax - Vendetta [Renegade Hardware]

10.ArpXP - Five Black Forms (Hybris rmx) [Authentic Music]

11.Dose - Nowadays [Commercial Suicide]

12.Safire & Minor Rain - Transit [Dispatch]

13.Phace - Vitreous [Neosignal]

14.Entita - Other Side [Authentic Music]

15.Amoss - Flex [Renegade Hardware]

-->Subtension - AK 47 [Hardware Dub]

16.Stealth & Cold Fusion - Frontin' [Subtitles]

17.Trilo - Baracks [Hardware Dub]

18.Optiv & BTK - Blackjack feat. Rymetyme [Virus]

19.Optiv, BTK & Cold Fusion - Void [Renegade Hardware]

20.Entita - Can't Wait [Authentic Dub]

21.Subtension, Minor Rain & Trilo - No Smer [Renegade Hardware]

22.Black Sun Empire & Rido - Thunderbolt [BSE]

23.Phace - Shitstorm [Neosignal]

--> Calyx & Teebee feat. MC Verse - Dual Processed [Momentum Music]

24.Optiv & BTK - Shredder [Virus]

25.Trilo - Prozac [Hardware Dub]

26.Minor Rain - Totem Tube [Hardware Dub]