Introducing: Trilo

This week saw the release of the Compound series, a new label platform which focuses on new and emerging artists, we caught up with Trilo to meet the man behind the music.

Q: Hi Trilo, welcome to Hardware! Please introduce yourself and let us know a little about where you're from.

A: Hi guys, my name is Peter Barta and I am 24 years existing on our mother Earth. I come from a little country situated in the heart of Europe - Slovakia, but I'm currently based in Cracow, Poland. My artist name is "Trilo" and I produce mostly drum and bass music.

Q: Whats the concept behind your track 'Defer' on Compound?

A: I started this track quite a while back, about 2 years ago infact I think. The aim was to combine a mysterious, detective theme with something that will work on the dancefloor. A grim beat and synth/bass stab riffs supplemented with atmospheres here and there.

Q: What aspect of the track are you most happy with?

A: That's a tough question, let's say I like the whole story from start to end.

Q: Influences, musical or otherwise?

A: Life, the universe and my dad who has been pushing me into music from my childhood.

Q: What do you listen to outside of drum and bass?

A: Basicly everything that captures my attention, but I grew up on a guitar music mostly. Starting with Pink Floyd, ending with Limp Bizkit. I like jazz, some pieces of classic music also and so on. Too much to write down.

Q: How long have you been making music?

A: When talking about EDM, around 5-6 years, but I was always close to music making, since my first amateur metal band in 2002.

Q: Whats your production set up?

A: Just a basic set-up : Ableton running on PC, external Tapco soundcard, small M-Audio BX5 monitors, AKG K240 headphones, midi keyboard and Microkorg synthesizer. Oh yes, and my Ibanez electric guitar!

Q: Most useful studio tip?

A: Don't stick to any rules, do everything your own way.

Q: What other labels have you released with?

A: You can find my solo and collab tracks on labels like Disturbed, Citrus, Syndrome Audio etc.

Q: What other release/plans have you got in the pipeline?

A: I've got some solo material forthcoming on Dust Audio and finishing 4 track EP for Hustle Audio atm. Besides that there is lot of work-in-progress tracks, so stay tuned:)

Q: Favourite Hardware track?

A: It's really hard to pick one, searching in back catalogue I've just found that first dnb track I ever heard was released on Hardware!

So if you don't mind I'll divide it into 3 parts:

Old era: Konflict - Phobia

Middle age: - Prolix & Nocturnal - Crater

New era: Maztek - Limber

Q: Where can people connect with you?

People can connect with me via my soundcloud, twitter or facebook page. I appreciate much every support, so feedback (positive whether negative) is more than welcome!

Physically you can catch me on a very small amount of my gig's, which are always announced on my social pages below. So feel free to bring some beer and have a chat! :)

*I would like to give a big shoutout to Scott and the whole Hardware crew for making my deepest dreams come true and I hope that Compound EP is just the beginning.

Also big ups for my Slovakian mates Subtension and Minor Rain and for my lovely girlfriend Magdalena!

Defer by Trilo is out now on Compound One. Check out the audio below and get your copy here! Available on MP3, WAV and FLAC.