Introducing: Subtension

The fourth and final artist to join the Hardware ranks via the Compund EP is another Slovakian naitive - Subtension.

Q: Hey Subtension, hello and welcome! Please introduce yourself….

A: I am Mario, living at Slovakia at the moment and i am 21. 

Q: Whats the concept/idea behind your track on Compound?

A: My track on Compound is a collaboration with vocalist - Nuklear MC, who breathed soul and identity into it. I love distorted synths and stuff. Its a equilibrium between vintage analog and a futuristic sound. 

Q: What aspect of the track are you most happy with?

A: We did lots of work on the vocals. MC Nuklear is very precious about his work and thats good. I think we did a good job with the final track and I’m generally satisfied with it. Of course, most important is the opinion of the crowd.

Q: Influences, musical or otherwise?

A: I am influenced by lots of stuff. I really like Jazz / Bigbeat things, also lots of experimental music artists. Otherwise I think its important to be original and have your own sound. So thats the musical side, but I am often influenced by current moods, and life moments.

Q: What do you listen to outside of drum and bass?

A: There is a lots of music what i listen. As i mentioned in my previous answer, mainly Jazz, Jazz-Rock things, Slovak bigbeat, however that is music from the last few decades. 

Q: How long have you been making music?

A: We started together with Minor Rain in 2009. 

Q: Whats your production set up?

A: Actually just a MacBook Pro 13,3”, and pair of Genelecs 8030A.

Q: Reveal your secret production weapon?

A: I think that every producers biggest weapon is good self-reflection and of course, some skills in synthesis, effecting etc. In my case its probably the sound that I’ve developed in my track “breaking point”. 

Q: Most useful studio tip?

A: Learn to do more with less equipment. 

Q: What other labels have you released with?

A: I released a few my tunes on Samurai music, and also BTK’s Dutty Audio. 

Q: What other release/plans have you got in the pipeline?

A: A single release on Renegade Hardware and I also want to put out a few “musical and experimental” tunes with my type of sound. Mostly at a half dnb tempo.

Q: Favourite Hardware track?

A: There are lots of tunes I love from Hardware. Definitely EBK - Clouds, Optiv & Mark C4C - Substance Abuse and Getz - Labyrinth. I also like the legendary drum and bass classics /anthems/ which were released on Renegade Hardware. 

Q: Biggest tune in your sets at the moment?

A: Probably Clouds from EBK and Twisted VIP from Rido.

Q: Where can people connect with you?



Break The Rules by Subtension ft. MC Nuklear is out now on Compound One. GET IT HERE