Introducing: Minor Rain

The 3rd new Hardware artist to feature on Compound One is another fresh talent hailing from Slovakia, meet Minor Rain...

Q: Welcome Minor Rain! Please, introduce yourself! 

A: I am Jakub Šenšel better known as Minor Rain. I am a 22 year old composer of electronic and electro-accoustic music. My hometown is Martin which is situated in the middle of Slovakia, close to Poland.

Q: Whats the concept behind your track on Compound?

A: I love classic style of drumnbass and I guess the best variation is when you can merge a classic idea with modern composition. That's was what I wanted to achive with this track.

Q: What aspect of the track are you most happy with?

A: I am most happy with track as whole and with fact it´s part of the Compoud EP!

Q: Influences, musical or otherwise?

A: It depends of what we talk about. When I look at this as a dj, main influence comes from about 4 years ago. Names such as Audio, Noisia, Black Sun Empire etc who are still rocking today. 

If we talk about influences from a producers angle, I love the work of artists such as Rido, Hybris, Octane and DLR, Audio, Noisia, Maztek. But I can´t pinpoint significant influences as I mainly focus on my own productions. I listen other dnb producers work mainly so I can choose tracks for my dj sets.

Substantial influence comes from the scene of sounddesign, electronic music and film scores where I really love work of Hans Zimmer, Amon Tobin, Eskmo and many more. This music has organic soul and it moves me.

Q: What is it about drum & bass that inspires you?

A: To be honest in the past it was more inspiring but also today certainly I can say its mainly a challenge. I mean, a really huge number of people make drumandbass and everyday labels are putting out dozens of tunes which sound very similar and its hard to come with something special and unique. And if you wanna be sucesfull you need unique stuff.

Q: What do you listen to outside of drum and bass?

A: It depends where I am and who is around me. If my friends which love similar kind of music as me we listen electronica stuff. When I workout I like film soundtracks but also like American blues (lol). When I am on a bus there´s no way to listen to something different other than the drivers radio so that's so frustrating to me when I haven´t got headphones then I start play Angry Birds :D. But I mostly like to listen to deep atmospheric tunes which have soul and organic sound as Machinedrums, Burial and stuff similar to this.

Q: How long have you been making music?

A: It´s been about 5 years in total but the Minor Rain project has been less than 3 years. I had my first project with my friend as SoundNbeats. It was our start in the drumandbass scene in 2009. But my music activities started much earlier. When I was six years old I started playing piano.

Q: Whats your production set up?

A: Nothing Special. Just parts of equipment necessary to music making so its cpu device (Notebook), Speakers, Headhones, Soundcard, keyboard and a mic. Soon I´ll start new project called "Minor Rain Studio" where I´ll do all about sound so I am planning expand set up about hardware devices which will be needed for work with a warmer analog sound.

Q: Reveal your secret production weapon?

A: Jack Daniels and some good cigars.

Q: Most useful studio tip?

A: Be well rested when you're working on your mixdown and mastering!

Q: What other labels have you released with?

A: There are many labels. The biiggest labels would be Medschool Music, Rise Audio and Samurai Music. I also released electronica stuff on labels like Loodma Recordings, Translation Recordings and many more.

Q: What other release/plans have you got in the pipeline?

A: I have an album of electronica stuff coming out in the form of DOMINIA which is released very soon on Loodma Recordings. I am also waiting for some dates for some upcoming vinyl and digital releases from last year too. Also have a lot of work in progress in my pc and really don´t know what will become of  that just yet. 

Q: Favourite Hardware track?

A: Definitely the tune from the last Maztek EP: iMaz. That's a real banger!

Where can people connect with you?




Every gig will be announced on my fb page and webpage what we are currently working on.

P.S. Thanks to Renegade Hardware for doing this interview and I am really glad I can be a part of this crew !

Regenerate by Minor Rain is out now on Compound One. Check it out below and CLICK HERE TO BUY.