Introducing: Klax

Yet more fresh talent to the Hardware roster for 2014, meet Brighton based production trio - Klax. Check out how they like get down in the studio, what kit they are using and listen to thier debut Hardware release Vendetta!

Q: Hi guys, welcome! Great to have you on board please introduce yourselves!

A: We're Joel, Benny and Ben P aka Klax from Brighton, UK.

Q: Whats the concept/idea behind your track on Compound?

A: We're always looking to hear fresh new sounds and ideas within the framwork of DnB and we hope our tracks reflect that. Vendetta was no exception and it's like a melting pot of styles from deep and techy to jungly, and we think there's a bit of everything in that track.

Q: What aspect of the track are you most happy with?

A: The vibe of the track... it's one of those that we can still listen back to and vibe off, it hasn't got stale even after hearing it so many times.

Q: What is is about drum & bass that inspires you?

A: The production standards and the forward looking nature of the whole genre. DnB is always pushing boundaries and assimilating sounds and ideas from everywhere else and this makes it an incredibly exciting genre to be working in.

Q: What do you listen to outside of drum and bass?

A: There's almost too much to list - between the three of us we listen to all kinds of music... Joel likes a bit of bass infused flamenco, melancholic psychedelia and even some classical... Benny is a huge Hiphop head with a love for AC/DC and Il Divo and Ben P used to run a Hiphop night and played in a few bands himself.

Q: How long have you been making music?

A: It's difficult to remember. Between us, probably about 7 years all in all.

Q: Whats your production set up?

Ableton Live, Adams A7, plenty of vsts, Virus TIs and an Emu6400 Ultra for good measure.

Q: Reveal your secret production weapon...

A: Our ears... if you can't hear you can't produce.

Q: Most useful studio tip?

A: Drink plenty of tea! A few beers on occaision, wheeeeeeey.

Q: What other labels have you released with?

A: This will be our first DnB release, previously we have only released dubstep through Uprise Audio and Subpressure.

Q: What other plans have you got in the pipeline?

A: We have a dubstep ep forthcoming on Requiem Audio imminently but after that we plan to focus on the DnB production and we are in talks with some very high profile labels about future releases... watch this space!

Q: Favourite Hardware track?


Joel - Konflict - Messiah.
Ben P - Spor - The Eyes Have It
Benny - Future cut - Ghetto Style

Q: Biggest tune in your sets at the moment?

A: I think one of our own, what started as a remix turned into a collaboration with a band called 'Mok'. It's a half time banger that's been rinsed by Rockwell, Spectrasoul and Foreign Concept to name a few, so we have been really chuffed with the support.

Q: Where can people connect with you?

A: Hit us up at our facebook - or or on twitter -@klaxuk

Vendetta by Klax is out now on Compound One, available on MP3 WAV & FLAC.