15 August 2011 | Downloads

Ink, Loxy & Full Clip - Grudgebore VIP - Free Download

Following the recent release of Ink's Last Scroll album we look to the future and our next album project which is due for release in late October - Ink & Loxy Present: Horsementality. 

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10 August 2011 | Podcast

Podcast 05 - Gremlinz

The Hardware podcast series reaches the 5th installment, this time the man in the hosting hot seat is none other than Gremlinz, expect a barrage of beats and bass as he takes you through this episode.

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22 July 2011 | Events

Carnival Special @ Area + free mix to download

We look to August the height of summer, and a dangerous liaison with future beats is aligned, Renegade Hardware are ready and waiting once more to bring you the full force of our Carnival Special! 

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4 July 2011 | Releases

Out Now - Ink: Last Scroll

Renegade Hardware is proud to present Ink - Last Scroll, the first artist led album ever to be released on the label now available to buy on 2xCD, 2xLP and Digital Download!

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20 June 2011 | Podcast

Podcast 04 - Ink: Last Scroll Album Showcase

The Hardware podcast series reaches No. 4 and with it a special milestone in the labels evolution.The first artist led album - Ink: Last Scroll is set to be released on 4th July.Here, the man himself takes charge and showcases the music on the album while giving some insights into the background of how the tracks came to be.

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