1 December 2014 | Releases

Maztek: Three Point Zero album to be released on 15th Dec

We are very proud to confirm the release date and full tracklisting for the debut album from Maztek.

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24 November 2014 | Releases

Maztek Three Point Zero Album Sampler

Providing an entry point into his forthcoming debut solo album Maztek releases 3 precision cuts of dnb to showcase what is to come from the highly anticipated Three Point Zero album which will be released in early December. 

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6 October 2014 | Releases

Subtension drops some heavy weaponry

Keeping true to the cause of bringing you the freshest new talent on the roster our latest recruit: Subtension debuts his first solo release.

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8 September 2014 | Releases

Trilo releases his debut solo single

The uber talented Trilo makes his mark on the labels discography with 3 breathtaking and accomplished takes on the Hardware sound.

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4 September 2014 | Releases

Hardware on Spotify

Renegade Hardware is now on Spotify! From the latest releases to the all time classics, it's all available to stream in full right now via our official page.

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